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What’s New - CHP reviews local HIV/AIDS situation in third quarter of 2022  29/11/2022

Click to enlarge the graph showing Annual and Cumulative HIV/AIDS Statistics in Hong Kong

A total of 97 additional cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection were reported to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) in the third quarter of 2022, taking the cumulative total of HIV infections reported locally to 11 539 since 1984.

Reviewing the latest HIV/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) situation in Hong Kong, a spokesman for the DH said, "Sexual transmission remained the major mode of HIV transmission. Members of the public should use condoms consistently and properly so as to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV.”

Summary table on the updated HIV/AIDS situation

What’s New - CHP encourages vigilance against HIV/ AIDs  07/07/2022

The Head of Public Health Services Branch of the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), Dr Wong Ka-hing, pointed out that an unusual increase of HIV new infections among female sex workers or females engaging in commercial sex was observed since August 2021, involving five women aged 51 to 63. The CHP's epidemiological investigations, including laboratory analysis, so far have not suggested a common source of infection among these cases.

"We would like to appeal to people with a history of unsafe sex to have an HIV antibody test early. They can call the DH's AIDS Hotline (2780 2211) for a free, anonymous and confidential HIV antibody test. Key populations with a higher risk of infection should undergo regular HIV screening. HIV-positive people should seek specialist care and HIV treatment as soon as possible," Dr Wong said.

Dr Wong also appealed to members of the public to use condoms consistently and properly in reducing the risk of acquiring HIV.

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What’s New - Free visit of renovated Red Ribbon Centre with free gift! Let’s play game together!   07/04/2021

Click to enlarge the image of “Red Ribbon 100” poster

Welcome for joining the “Red Ribbon 100”, let’s spend 100 minutes in exploring the renovated Red Ribbon Centre. Health talks, interactive activities, quizzes and games are employed to reinforce knowledge about the causes, routes of transmission and preventive measures about STIs/AIDS, and to promote a concerning and accepting attitude towards the people living with HIV.

Details of “Red Ribbon 100”

What’s New - ‘Knowing about HIV/AIDS’ Facebook Live Online Health Talk  01/03/2021

Click to enlarge the image of ‘Knowing about HIV/AIDS’ poster

To increase the awareness and knowledge of general public on HIV/AIDS, its route of transmission, also to provide updates in HIV testing and treatment, Red Ribbon Centre is going to organise a Facebook live online health talk ‘Knowing about HIV/AIDS’ delivered by the Medical Officer of Special Preventive Programme, Department of Health. It is free of charge and no reservation is needed. Welcome for joining!

Session: 20 March 2021 (Saturday) 2:30pm
31 March 2021 (Wednesday) 7pm
15 May 2021 (Saturday) 2:30pm
31 May 2021 (Monday) 7pm

(Duration of about 45 minutes)

Language: Cantonese

Please access to Red Ribbon Centre Facebook page for joining the health talk at the above designated time.

What’s New - To bust the myths, misconceptions, rumors of HIV and AIDS with the new exhibition board of Red Ribbon Centre  07/12/2020

To bust the myths, misconceptions, rumors of HIV and AIDS with the new exhibition board of Red Ribbon Centre

Red Ribbon Centre has launched a new set of exhibition boards about HIV/AIDS and sexual transmitted infections (STIs)! To instill knowledge of HIV and STIs and better understand their modes of transmission, thus to prevent HIV and STI effectively. Welcome school and youth centers to borrow the exhibition boards.

Details of borrowing exhibition board

What’s New - Support World AIDS Day, Get a free Red Ribbon!  23/11/2020

Support World AIDS Day, Get a free Red Ribbon!

The Red Ribbon Centre has a new look! The Centre has launched a series of brand new HIV education materials, interactive game booth and also exhibition boards for lending to arouse the awareness of youth of AIDS and better protecting themselves.

Also, the World AIDS Day takes place on 1 December each year. Red Ribbon Centre appeals the public to collect free red ribbons. Let’s wear red ribbons on the 1 December to show your care and concern for those living with HIV/AIDS and your support to the people and organizations working on HIV prevention.

(If you need to obtain a large amount of red ribbons, please email to our Centre:

What’s New - Launching of a new API "Early Treatment for a Healthy Life"  01/12/2019

API  In life We move forward Early treatment for a healthy life

To enhance the public awareness of HIV/AIDS and tie in with the World AIDS Day on December 1, the Centre launched a new set of TV and radio Announcements in the Public Interest (APIs) today.

The APIs is about obstacles such as HIV infection along life path may tell one to stop. However, one may choice to have early HIV treatment with antiretroviral therapy and can get his life back on track. The initiative attitude and positive style of the APIs highlight normal life and supportive environment towards the people living with HIV.

Link to the API "Early Treatment for a Healthy Life“

What’s New - “Red Ribbon in Action” AIDS Educating Funding Scheme invites application  22/11/2019

The Red Ribbon Centre would like to invite local community groups

The Red Ribbon Centre would like to invite local community groups, including seniors, women, youth groups, kaifong welfare association as well as those at work or at schools, to apply for the "Red Ribbon in Action" AIDS Education Funding Scheme. Maximal funding amount is HKD10000.

Details of the "Red Ribbon in Action" AIDS Education Funding Scheme

What’s New - World AIDS Campaign 2018 - "Power of Love“  27/11/2018

Power of Love
Under the theme "Power of Love", the Red Ribbon Centre launched a series of activities to raise awareness on HIV. Activities include: (1) Inviting Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from various sectors of the community to share on their social media platforms the messages about HIV prevention and acceptance of people living with HIV; (2) A ceremony to commemorate the World AIDS Day; (3) Roadshow sessions at popular nightlife hot spots for promoting safer sex and HIV testing; (4) Production of a viral video to raise public awareness of early testing for HIV.

Event Details

Date Time Location
1/12/2018 18:00 – 22:00 Pedestrian area near K11, Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
22/12/2018 Pedestrian area near Hong Kong Mansion, Great George Street, Causeway Bay
24/12/2018 Pedestrian area near One Grand Tower, Portland Street, Mong Kok

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