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Red Ribbon 100

Red Ribbon 100

"Red Ribbon 100" - It is a 100-minute guided tour at the Red Ribbon Centre consisting of health talks, interactive activities, quizzes and games to reinforce participants with the knowledge about the causes and routes of transmission about AIDS and STIs so as to protect oneself against infection. The tour also appeal for an accepting and caring attitude towards the people living with HIV.

The programme includes:

Revision To review the major events related to AIDS in Hong Kong and the world through historical photos and “A chronicle of AIDS”.

Enhancement To enhance the knowledge of AIDS and STIs and to understand the latest situation of AIDS in Hong Kong. Methods to test for HIV are also introduced.

Interaction To assess different risk levels of sexual behaviors through “Risk Assessment”. “Condom Display and Demonstration” shows how to choose condoms with different sizes, types and materials and the steps of proper use of condom would be demonstrated. Finally, to break the myths about HIV/AIDS and introduce correct information with Dick’s 49 maneuvers.

Multimedia To enjoy the HIV/AIDS related videos and publicity materials produced by Red Ribbon Centre over the years.

* The tour is free of charge. Each participant will receive a copy of "Secret Guide of Sex" inside the short video of "Dick’s Journey to the West"!

Application procedures:

For the interested groups, please call the Red Ribbon Centre (Tel. 3143 7200) two weeks before the visit for arrangement; following with confirmation by fax (2338 0534) or by email ( to the Centre.

As Red Ribbon Centre is under the list of Government premises, please note the most updated COVID-19 vaccination requirement announced by the Government before visiting.