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Dialogue Script of Video "Dick’s Journey to the West"

Dick: I’m gonna make it work this time!


Dick: What the…….? I thought I was fully prepared for this!

Dick: “To master this skill, one must cut off…...”

Dick: (phew) Thank God!

Voice Over: Move One Fiery Eyes & Golden Pupils. Check the expiry date and make sure the package is intact.

Voice Over: Move Two Handle with Care. Open the package with care and gently slide the condom towards the opening. Do not to tear the condom in the process.

Voice Over: Move Three Right-Side Out. Make sure the condom is right-side out, the rim should be on the outside.

Voice Over: Move Four Pinch out the Air. Gently pinch out the air from the tip of the condom, this allows room to contain the semen during ejaculation.

Voice Over: Move Five On your mark, get set!
Place the condom over the tip of the erected penis, unroll it to the base of the shaft.
If the condom cannot be unrolled smoothly, that means it’s inside out. Use a new condom.

Voice Over: Move Six Mission Accomplished. Hold the condom at the base of the penis during withdrawal from the partner after ejaculation while it is still hard, making sure that semen does not spill out.

Voice Over: Move Seven Tidying Up. Gently remove the condom, wrap it in tissue paper and dispose into the bin.

Dick: Oh! Still not finished yet!

Voice Over: A new condom should be used for each sex act.

Voice Over: Use water-based lubricants if needed. Oil-based lubricants can damage the condom.

Voice Over: Do not use two condoms at the same time. The friction caused by the two condoms can cause breakage.

Voice Over: Choose a right size condom. If the condom is too tight, you might feel uncomfortable and the condom might break; If it’s too large, it might slip off. If it slips off, stop and put on a new one.

Voice Over: Do select condoms made of polyurethane if you're allergic to latex.

Voice Over: The ultimate skill of the “Secret Guide of Sex” . Using condoms correctly and consistently can greatly reduce the risk of HIV transmission and most sexually transmitted infections as well as prevent unexpected pregnancy.

Voice Over: The day you master these skills, you will be the Master of Sex! HAHAHA!