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Life skills-based education > LSBE programme on HIV/AIDS and sex in secondary schools 2014/15

The Red Ribbon Centre collaborated with the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) to roll out the LSBE programme on HIV/AIDS and sex in the 2014/15 school term. The campaign included:

  1. provide LSBE programme on HIV/AIDS and sex for junior level students in 11 secondary schools, the campaigned covered over 1500 students;
  2. organise the "Getting to Zero" performance event cum kick-off ceremony on 29 November 2014 to commemorate the World AIDS Day. During the ceremony, secondary students gave singing and dancing performances, while Teen AIDS Touch Theatre staged a drama where audience could see from teenagers' perspective going through the misconception and exploration about sex and AIDS. Booths were hosted by FPAHK and The Hong Kong Coalition of AIDS Service Organizations to let public of all ages to enjoy games, collect souvenirs and take selfies, etc.
Event poster
"Getting to Zero" kick-off ceremony condom mascots

In addition, the FPAHK developed a mobile app game "Getting to Zero" in which the three missions corresponded to the UNAIDS's vision of "Three Zeros", namely "Zero new HIV infections", "Zero discrimination" and "Zero AIDS-related deaths".

mobile app game "Getting to Zero"