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Printed version of pamphlet: “Love yourself. Prevent HIV Infection. Practise Harm Reduction and Safer Sex”The four formulae of harm reduction strategy
By following the four formulae of harm reduction, drug users can reduce the harm caused by drug abuse.

Formula 1: Methadone does it
Discontinue using drugs and take Methadone instead.

Formula 2: Break the needle habit
When drug use is unavoidable, do not inject.

Formula 3: Do not share needle
If injection is unavoidable, do not share needle and use disposable needle each and every time.

Formula 4: Disinfect the needles and Syringes
If reusing or sharing needles and syringes is unavoidable, they need to be thoroughly disinfected first. Method: Fill the syringe with household bleach and shake it for 30 seconds then squirt out and repeat once again. After that, use clean water to rinse twice. But remember that the disposable syringes and needles are not intended for reuse and are extremely difficult to disinfect thoroughly, so better to avoid reusing or sharing needles and syringes.

Practise Safer Sex
The most effective way to prevent STIs / AIDS is practice safer sex. It means always keep a monogamous sexual relationship with an uninfected partner or use condom correctly for every sexual intercourse.

Proper use of condom:

  • Use a new, good-quality condom and check the expiry date every time before use.
  • Put the condom on before you enter your partner.
  • With care, hold the tip of the condom to squeeze out the air. This leaves some room for the semen when you ejaculate.
  • Keep holding the tip of the condom, unroll it all the way down to the pubic hair.
  • Soon after ejaculation, hold on the rim of the condom and pull out while the penis is still erect.